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Patrol Car no. 8319

In pursuit. Suspect traveling at 120 down the Queensway.

Omg child i will destroy you.
Grump bumble
Having a kindergarden child seems to be twice as exhausting as having a toddler. Bean is going to grow again, and eats about as much as a teenager (except less junk).  She has mastered the art of creative lying. We need new pants for her. She has outgrown her 3T pants, but her 4T seem to always be slidding down her butt. =_= I swear this child is all legs and no hips.

We just got back from brunch with the in-laws. Now its time to tidy up the house and do all of the laundry.

So about Christmas
stirring tea
So about Christmas...

Normally, by this time in the year I'm covered. I've got all my shopping done and most of the leaves on the trees haven't hit the ground yet.

So far I have gifts for my lovely sister and her man... and Bean, my daughter. And really that was less of my choice and something my husband did without me realy understanding how much he was getting.

That is it.

I have no ideas for family or friends. ;_;

I know that I want nothing but gift cards from people. Doesn't even matter where to. We honestly think we will be looking into purchasing a house this winter, so we really don't want to move MORE things. What I need more of is time. =_=

I don't even have anything for my hubby. Y n Y
I am the worst wifu.

I finished my chick tea cozy that I started this summer past, as well as the better part of a green market bag... and I don't know if there is anyone to gift them to.
It is made out of re-purposed wool and all hand embrodered... and possibly the cutest thing I ever did craft. The original plan was to Etsy it, but ain't nobody got time for dat. I would keep it except I have an awesome tea cozy already... :T

So... IDK.

Mad tea bag
I want to have an Easter tea party so damn bad. =_=

I'm working Easter weekend... because a lot of the kids here for school will be out of town. Means more money for me but super lame that I have to work. Although with any luck it will be daytime shifts and I'll have the evening at home.

Want to draw but I'm still sick. This is now week three of laryngitis. Pretty sure it is in its last throws but holy shit I am so tired of this.

Also where the fuck is spring?  There are still piles of snow everywhere. WHAT IS THIS@?E@@#$@#%!!!???

What is new nao
Mad tea bag
Argidy blargidy blarg.

So, work is being confusing as fuck. One week I get a talking to about how my closes suck and the next thing I know I have no closing shifts. Or opening shifts... and am being asked to work on my day where I've stated before where I am totally unavailable. =_= I have just sent a message back saying Toto is working overtime, and it might be true, but hopefully shouldn't be. Strangely enough, when I am unavailable, I mean it.

So, I'm also going to be going to start training for assistant manager position. Not really what I want to do but the government is being retarded about giving me a job so I guess I'll take what I can get.

I really want a house. ; n ;

I helped Shona move a few days back and it was terrifying. Shona is a borderline horder and although her medication has helped a great deal (going from actual horder to just borderline) she still is holding on to way too many things. If she decided to just throw away all the things in the basement (that she wouldn't touch because spiders live in the basement) then it would have been totally reasonable. But she wanted to bring it all and so that meant an extra trip with the truck (she had a u-haul truck. As well they have a storage unit somewhere.

I honestly don't understand storage units. If you have things that you don't want to deal with for years at a time, maybe you shouldn't have it at all...? Just saying. Yes, I need more storage space, but that is mostly due to my storage being the same size as my closet... just taller. And prone to water damage. =_=

I'm starting to concede to the idea of a town home. No matter what, we won't be able to afford a detached home unless the housing market crashes spectacularly. Granted even if it does, we probably still won't be in a position to buy. But really, less than 800 sq/ft isn't cutting it for two adults and a child. I could probably make it work a bit better if I had a week off and the energy to seriously organize the crap out of everything. I am so glad we don't have any birthdays or anything coming up. I don't think I could handle another dump of items right now.

;  n ; This is the house I really want. It is super out of our budget at $331,900. Maybe if I ever get that government job we can up our price point but yeah... doesn't look feasible at the moment. But I waaaant eeeeeet. I would even go for the smaller house if it just meant I could have a house (in truth it is only like 100 sq/ft smaller and at $316,900). Although the Dalton (smaller one) has a seating area in the master bedroom, the Addison (the one I like better) has a nicer kitchen set up with a breakfast area... also known as the dinning room. =_= And the smaller bedroom would be turned into a computer room or study no matter what. Sad face.

OH LOOK AT THIS! I made that! After seeing a much more professional version on tumblr somewhere. It is made from a coke zero mini can. It is really super sweet. I love it. I really have zero use for it but that is beside the point. A couple of the scales are splitting down the middle. Not really sure what is up with that but still. :D

And now my computer is moaning that I needs charging. So I guess I will pine over how much I want a house later.

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Grump bumble
Today is going to be my first shift at Davids Tea... and it doesn't start until 7pm... Yesterday was supposed to be my first day but I read the schedule wrong and though Tuesday was Wednesday. But Tuesday was my last working day at Starbucks. Off to a great start. =_=

I've lost my Presto card somewhere, probably while power walking to the daycare yesterday. = n = And I left my keys at home today along with my wallet. Thankfully I managed to sneak in and the door was unlocked. But really! I don't deserve this kind of hate.

So now I'm posting about my dull life!

So yesterday I took all the empty wine/spirits/beer bottles back to the Beer Store. Got $5.something back. Not too shabby. I then proceded to the Kowloon to spend my well earned money on buns. XD I am looking for pumpkin pocky and finding none this year. TT___TT Even online they seem to be out everywhere. 

Today I decided to inventory my US state quarter ... collection because I wasn't sure what coins I was missing.


So if you find one GIVE IT TO MEEEEEEE$!$!%!%#@#@ Otherwise I have all 50 states and two (of the six) territory quarters. ;_;

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Lost phone. It is also dead, so at least ... I don't know any more

stirring tea

Wish me luck on my first business trip!

I hope it is fun. I really need some sleep though. Baby has been teething. ;_;

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For the fourth straight week... I'm not getting paid.

Despite having worked since September 4th, and having worked 6 days two weeks in a row... I have no idea when I will be paid. Eventually it will happen... When is still questionable.

And for the reason...

are you ready for this?

They are missing some of my paperwork. For the third time.

It is so mind boggling that I can't decide to laugh or cry. I think I did both at the same time today.

I can't make rent.

I can't buy my medications.

I can't buy food.

I sort of need all of those things. A roof. Food. Meds. Daycare will have to be paid too.

I don't even know what to do.


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